Essay: Money, land and resistance

Exhibition text on the past decade of Irish art

I was commissioned by Pallas Projects to write about the history of the Periodical Review, coinciding with the tenth exhibition of the series.

In the essay, I discuss key moments from recent history; including the fallout of the 2008 crash; the brutalising impacts of austerity; the emergence of a grassroots art scene; the Decade of Centenaries; the Repeal the Eighth campaign; the Climate and housing crisis; the rise of Trump and Brexit trouble along the border; and what it meant for Irish artists.

"Money, land and resistance; these are the three great themes of the last ten years just as they, arguably, have been for the past 100 years of Irish art."

It’s a stellar exhibition, providing a survey of Irish art from the past decade. Check out the show and read my essay here ->

PS I’d be interested in writing more exhibition texts or participating in other projects, so hit me up if you’d like to discuss something!